Introduction to Mummy MOT Smart Pilates Video Series


My names Mina Stephens and I have been teaching Pilates for over 20 years here in London and I am excited to have teamed up with Mummy MOT to develop videos for their Mummy MOT Smart Pilates Program for Postnatal Mums. 

I will be teaching and presenting some of these videos incorporating a balance of Pilates-based exercises and core functional work. 

We will be gently guiding you through the first delicate steps with short quick videos progressively taking you through from week to week, focusing on common issues such as: 

  • Incorporating Pelvic Floor activation with exercises 
  • Core Stability. 
  • Relief for Thoracic Stiffness and mild Back Pain

This is a special time for you and your baby, but it is also important that you take the time to recover and spend a few minutes for yourself every day to speed the healing process and to get you strong again. 

Enjoy. Thank you.

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Smart Pilates Program

for Postnatal Mums

Course curriculum

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    Smart Pilates Program

    • This is the first step to reconnect with your body!

    • Let’s start to get strong!

    • Let’s start moving!

    • Strong Core! Armwork! Strong Back!

    • Let’s bring it all together!


Pilates Practitioner

Mina Stephens

Mina has over 20 years of experience teaching Pilates. Having trained with some of the world's most renowned Pilates practitioners, she has developed a unique and extremely effective modality, which she provides to her clients from her private studio in West London. She has also studied and practised many different forms of energy medicine techniques and is a certified Bi-Aura® Therapy Practitioner, registered FSM practitioner, Timewaver Med and a Reiki 2 practitioner. Mina’s diverse and eclectic background means that she is able to incorporate the two disciplines to focus on her client’s specific functional individual movement patterns and muscle weaknesses. Her holistic approach allows her to amplify the benefits of physical exercise and boost the body’s healing power to alleviate both physical and emotional stress. This diverse program includes a mixture of Pilates, targeted core work, energy healing (to balance and align the body's energy field) and breathwork. As a result, she is able to retrain a person’s dysfunctional movement and stress patterns not only with exercise alone but by aligning the emotional and mental bodies as well, ensuring that her clients experience grounded positive shifts in all aspects. Mina incorporates her modality into all her group classes and online private client sessions.